order / shipment / payment

Orders can be made with shop software and by e-mail. We assure you that we use both your mail-address as well as your e-mail-address only for our business-purposes. We relay no addresses at other companies.

World-wide delivery against advance-cash register, with credit card or PayPal payment.
Orders from countries with distribution partner become delivered from our distribution partner if possible. This safes costs and leads to faster delivery.
Shipment costs are calculated during ordering process.

All shop prices contain no value added tax. 
In Switzerland, a delivery takes place with bill. Payment 14 days net. Foreign countries-deliveries take place with invoice-amount in EURO. The Swiss value added tax is not incriminated with export-deliveries. The foreign value added tax is raised normally by the post office or by the package-service. Payment in Germany for new customers through deposit by debit entry. For easy payment we have an euro-account on the German Bank INC. Constance, Germany.

We accept PayPal.

For credit card payments choose PayPal, even if you don't have a PayPal account!

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